How to Make Your Own Helmet Sound System

There are probably countless quotes that you can search up online that will tell you that a life without music is probably a bit bland. If you think that is bad enough, try being stuck in traffic without your music on will probably drive you nuts. Not only you have to deal with the heat of the sun torching and tormenting your skin, you probably have to deal with bad drivers as well. Motorcycles are another way of beating traffic because you can just weave in and out of it. But what if you combine having music and driving with a motorcycle? This article will tell you why having music for your motorcycle like the ones provided by Piaggio MP3 dealers might change the way you travel. Here are some awesome ways to listen to your favorite music with your motorbike.

Helmet Sound System

Although it might sound a bit odd and off, helmet sound systems are actually a thing. For most modern countries, driving without a helmet is strictly prohibited. Because you know, safety precautions? Driving with a helmet prevents you from cracking your head open in case you make a boneheaded move and slamming down the pavement.

Helmet sound systems are mostly DIY (Do It Yourself) but there are others that can be bought both online and in retail stores. In case you are the kind of person that likes to DIY and wants the helmet sound system to fit you and your personality, here are some things that you need and what you need to do.

·         Helmet (obviously)

·         An mp3 system provided by a provider like Piaggio MP3 dealers

·         Your favorite brand of headphones

·         Soldering iron

·         Duct tape

·         Heavy duty glue


Get your favorite brand of headphones. Make sure that you can get the loudest that you can get. Remove the headband that it is attached to and use a duct tape or a heavy duty glue to place it to the part of your helmet that comes contact with your ears. With your duct tape, tape down the loose wires that might get in the way of getting the helmet in.

Remove the visor and the foam inside it. Once you are done with that and fixing the wires, reattach the visor with the soldering iron. Bore a hole at the side so that you have a place to run down your wires to. Using a duct tape, tape down the mp3 system that you got from a provider like Piaggio MP3 dealers. Then plug in the standard 3.55 mm audio jack to the mp3 player and tape the wires again. Then voila! You now have a DIY headset system.

Not only that you can make this with under a less than a hundred dollars (helmet sound systems usually cost 300-400 $), you also get to customize everything. You also get to choose your favorite helmet and make everything easy for you. So, if you need to save money but want to ride in style, then, go to a provider like Piaggio MP3 dealers and make your own helmet sound system!

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